It’s Eh-he-meh-tah-lor.

Long ago, I was a wee little boy who has no interest in the arts… I kicked balls, I played video games, and I ran in the sun.

Then one day when I was 11, I discovered what Graphic Design was and that was fun. A decade later I got a piece of paper saying I’m good at this task and I decided to make that my career for the rest of my life.

Prior to ALL of that, at 16, I picked up my first camera an Olympus E-410.

It was a pretty cool camera for its time, not so much today sold it to a woman in Slough or Sailsbury after a year and picked up a Sony C3.

Again — amazing for its time and not so much today; sold that to a man in Leicester after two years and picked up a Nikon D7000 & Fuji X-M1

I hated the D7000, Sold it, Bought a Canon 50D as its replacement.

I love the 50D Still have it to this day, eventually sold the X-M1 for those a 50mm & 85mm. They have served me well and will continue to do so!

By this point, I am in my second year at De Montfort University. I needed to do video but I hated borrowing, so I buy a 650D! Unfortunately, I killed it while shooting in a 'monsoon' SO I bought another one.

Eventually, I take my first trip out of the UK since I was 11 to Berlin, Germany and found a brilliantly priced and mint Canon AE1.

I took a break from photography for over a year and by this time I got my degree, moved back to London and became a proper Graphic Designer.

Design started to stress me out. I needed another creative outlet that got me outside and into the world. I began to dabble in street photography with the 50D but it felt weird, it was just too heavy and needed something lighter.

Remembered I had the AE1, bought a 50mm and started my film adventures after it sat in a box for 18 months and I got hooked quickly!

Started to buy more cameras; buy a lot of film and BUY EVEN MORE CAMERAS 13 and counting, 14 if you include my iPhone and Moment Lenses as one system.

So that’s my photography story in terms of cameras.

If you were expecting a proper life story; I’m not that photographer I’m afraid.

I just like taking photographs of things around me and hope they come out as planned and I really love the brilliance behind the technology too!

— Ehimetalor (Metty)